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Posted on Monday, May 13, 2024

Demand Generation Manager

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About Stotles

Our mission is to unlock the potential of business and government working better, together.
The partnership between business and government is vital in making our communities productive & cohesive, but inefficiency and bureaucracy is currently the norm. We are using a modern approach to change this.
Our SaaS platform gives businesses a clear view of opportunities to work with the public sector, and the tools needed to manage them. We are bringing together a massive amount of messy government data to bring clarity and transparency to a space that desperately needs it.
We've seen fantastic traction from industry leading customers such as Salesforce, Vodafone, Snowflake and Appian, and our growth trajectory is on the rise ​
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About this Role & Why We're Hiring

It's never been a more exciting time at Stotles. Here's why we're looking for you.
We’re levelling up our demand generation engine and want you to be the driving force behind our top of funnel growth in 2024 (and beyond).
We’re looking for a highly motivated, creative and strategic demand generation manager to spearhead full funnel campaign tactics, performance marketing, the demand waterfall, buyer motivations, buyer personas, and paid digital campaigns end to end.
You’ll need to be an expert in SEO and paid digital channels as enhancing, managing and iterating on these channels will be a core function of your role. But, you also must be eager to test new channels and tactics that may drive demand.
Comp Range: £45,000-55,000 with an additional options equity grant worth 15-30% of salary

What You'll Do

You’ll work directly with our Growth Lead to strategise, develop and execute on demand generation activities.
Everyday, you will:
Enhance and manage our Google Ads strategy
Enhance and manage our SEO strategy
Scrutinise and experiment with our website’s paths to conversion
Manage and report on demand generation activities
This means you will need to:
Manage our activities across Google’s product suite (Analytics, AdSense, Search Console)
Create, optimise and manage Google Search & Display Ads
Optimise, iterate and manage our SEO pages using Google Search Console
Understand conversion paths and lead attribution using Google Analytics
Define audiences and experiment with a wide variety of campaigns to produce results. For our team, that means generating app sign ups
Be comfortable modelling and managing efficient spend and be confident in your ability to scrutinise the ROI of your campaigns
Deeply understand and effectively report on the impact of your owned channels across the full funnel using our CRM; HubSpot
Assist the Growth and Sales teams by helping them identify and implement new strategies and tactics to achieve better results within our existing channels, based on the findings of your reports
Assist the Growth and Sales teams with Account Bases Marketing initiatives for increased lead generation, conversion and expansion
Provide detailed results and recommendations to the leadership team on where the company should deploy its resources to acquire more customers

Who We're Looking For

Most importantly, we're looking for curious, ambitious people who love to learn and want to be a part of building something special. If (for any reason) you don't fit our requirements but you're passionate about our vision, don't hesitate to apply!

You at Stotles

Next steps

Intro call | 15 - 20 minutes This is an informal chat so you can learn more about the company and the role and you can tell us more about yourself - your experience and what you want to achieve in the next role.
Interview | 30 - 45 minutes
This will be an interview with our Growth Lead to walk through your motivations and past experience. Please be prepared to speak on relevant experiences and offer examples of demand gen campaign ideation, execution and metrics of success.
Campaign task | 45 mins - 1 hour This will be where candidates present the results of the take home task given after Interview 2. Expect to present your task to the Growth Lead and more members of the Growth and/or Sales team. There will be time for discussion and questions at the end.
Culture and Fit Interviews | 1 hour
This will be where candidates have an opportunity to talk about their motivations within Stotles. It’s an opportunity to meet with our co-founders and learn more about our culture.
We're excited to meet you!
Please reach out to talent@stotles.com if any questions or comments.